Custom Service

We offer custom assemblies for any application. We can fabricate a non-standard special magnetic assemblies to meet our customers’ requirements. If you need assistance with your requirements, please contact us.

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                             We can LAMINATE flexible magnetic strip rolls with different types of adhesives to meet customer requirements. We can DIE-CUT or PUNCH magnetic strip rolls into separate pieces to any size you desire. We offer two different cutting options for adhesive laminated material that allow individual pieces to remain on a slab or roll until needed; KISS-CUT rolls – cut through the magnet side, up to the paper liner at even intervols along the entire length of a roll. This makes it easy to peel the magnets of the liner. SCORED ROLLS – cut through adhesive liner and into the magnet at even intervols along the entire length of a roll. Pieces can then be snapped off the roll at the desired length. We kiss-cut flexible magnetic strip rolls to any length and size that your application requires. To increase the holding power, flexible magnets can be provided with steel on one side.